We travel all across Sierra Leone, reaching schools, orphanages and communities treating oral disease, paying particular attention to those in isolated parts of the country.

We work with other organizations and their communities, upholding children’s rights to:

• survive – by treating crippling and life-threatening oral disease,

• develop – through a better quality of life and education, and,

• participate in family and cultural life.

In union there is strength. We will make a difference.

Our team works across the entire country of Sierra Leone.

Treating Disease in Children and Adults

We detect and treat existing oral disease, ending unnecessary suffering.

Teaching the Values of Good Oral Hygiene

We help create a supportive and progressive network between children and adults which encourages good oral health by outlining the causes and consequences of oral disease.

Helping the Children Get Access to Schooling

Only the most fortunate children in Sierra Leone get to go to school. The Foundation facilitates sponsorship for children so they can get access to schooling.

ULTIMATE GOAL: Setting Up of a Dental School

The establishment of a Dental School in Freetown in Sierra Leone is one of Smiling World’s ultimate goals. With it we can create livelihoods and have more dental professionals to help carry out our work. You can read more about this project