Smiling World is made possible and supported by a network of wonderful, committed people who all share a common goal – and that is to make the world a better place. However, our mission will not be able to reach a single child if it wasn’t for the especially dedicated key figures of the foundation.

Dr Raffaella Gabassi – Founder Principal dentist at White Dental & Cosmetic Rooms in Chiswick and mother of two young children, Raffaella is the founder of Smiling World. Having always been interested in missionary work, it has been a life-long goal of hers to set up her own charity. After visiting Sierra Leone to do some relief work, it became apparent to her that this less fortunate country would benefit from such an establishment. And so the Smiling World Foundation was born. Raffaella has now also been appointed as field director for Teethsavers, our sister organisation, also based in Sierra Leone.

H.E. Edward Turay His Excellency Mr Edward Turay is the High Commissioner of Sierra Leone for the UK. He is a member of parliament from the Bombali District in Sierra Leone and he is also a qualified lawyer. Mr Turay is a strong supporter of the charity, bridging our connection with the relevant government authorities in Sierra Leone.

________________________________________________________________ Join Volunteer Sierra Leone is one of the countries most in need of volunteers. If you are a dental professional and are interested in visiting, please contact us.

Dental Supplies ALL of your donations go directly towards the children. We take no administration costs. Please donate now and make a real difference to their lives.

________________________________________________________________ We are a child-centered organisation. We travel all across Sierra Leone, reaching schools, orphanages and communities treating oral disease, paying particular attention to those in isolated parts of the country.

We work with other organizations and their communities, upholding children’s rights to: survive – by treating crippling and life-threatening oral disease, develop – through a better quality of life and education, and, participate in family and cultural life

Our Achievements So Far — Over 5000 children and adults have been treated and even more have been screened. 3500 toothbrushes donated. — 4000 painkillers and 1700 antibiotics given out, stopping would-be dental disease from progressing. — We have saved three children’s lives by financially supporting them to have major operations until their are recuperated enough to go home.

About Raffaella Gabassi Smiling World was founded by Raffaella Gabassi in 2012 as one of the very few charitable organisations established to promote oral health trough education. We work across the country of Sierra Leone, reaching remote villages, treating and educating children in destitute situations and give them hope and understanding.